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Non-Emergency Enquiries: 101
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Report Fuel Theft

    1. This form is ONLY to be used by retail service stations for the reporting of fuel theft.

      You MUST NOT report any other crimes using this form.

      To report any other crime, please call 101 or if it is an emergency, call 999.


      Criminal Justice Act 1967, s.9; Magistrates Courts Act 1980, s.5.B & the Criminal Procedure Rules.

    2. Is the Crime in Progress? *
    3. If a person has taken fuel and driven off without speaking to a member of staff at the service station and arranging payment, a member of staff witnessing the incident should complete this online form in all cases.
    4. If the crime is in progress, or if the suspect is still at the scene, you must call 999 immediately.

    5. Evidence at the Scene?
      1. Has the offender left something at the scene? (Such as: blood, an item of clothing, discarded items ext.)
      2. If the offender has left retrievable evidence at the scene, such as blood or an item of clothing, please call 101.